Pioneer Park

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Pioneer park offers a series of trails that follow Deschutes River, a playground, baseball and soccer fields, swimming, fishing and tubing. Most of the year you will find the trails scattered with people walking their dogs, but during the warm summer days the river is filled with people swimming and floating on inner tubes.

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Pioneer park1

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Tolmie State Park

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Tolmie State Park is my personal favorite park near Olympia. I’m a huge marine life enthusiest, and the beach at Tolmie is filled with opportunities to observe it. As the tide goes out, you can easily find soft shelled crab, oysters, mussels, clams, and sand dollar. This is a wonderful park for kids to explore marine wildlife, or help collect dinner. There are 3 miles of hiking trails, barbeque pits, public restrooms, and kitchen shelters. If you don’t already have a discovery pass, a $10 fee is required for parking.

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Tolmie State Park

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photos by Anna Christine Photography

Olympia Parks | Burfoot Park

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Burfoot Park, located in the Boston Harbor area of Olympia WA, is one of our favorite places to spend the day.

Within the lush greenery of the park there is a large playground, surrounded by covered picnic tables. After some swings and slides, we enjoy the incredible landscape and scenery as our three children explore on the family friendly trails. From woods to sea, the trails lead to beach access with plenty of shell collecting and muscle harvesting during low tide. When we visit Burfoot Park, our day is filled with free activities.

Rain or shine we always enjoy the picturesque setting and scenic trails of Burfoot Park.